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Rent-A-Retard Home - Rent-A-Retard

Welcome to rent-a-retards home page. Here at Rent-a-Retard we are proud to give all retards a chance in the real world. Retards who decide to join Rent-a-Retard are given a fair chance at earning money. Every retard that works for "Rent-a-Retard with big ears" recieves 25% of their earnings. (as I only run rent-a-retard with big ears I can't comment on how much retards with just Rent-a-Retard get paid). There are two branches of rent-a-retard.
There is the Rent-a-Retard branch and the Rent-a-Retard with big ears branch.

Pop_kid, the founder of this site, is also the owner and founder of the Rent-a-Retard-With-Big-Ears. Our rates are better than just Rent-a-Retard. Our rates are: $9.00 for 1 Hour and $14.00 for 2 Hours.

Rent-a-Retard is open to any suggestions from the public. We are currently located in NC (GO NC)!

Rent-A-Retard Home - Rent-A-Retard
If you decide to purchase from Rent-A-Retard their prices are:
$10.00 for 1 hour
$15.00 for 2 hours.

Who should the retard of the week be????????? Go to discussions to vote! Once voted, retard can be rented!
Please be respectful!

Go Mafia!

*Anyone who posts a Tar Heels picture will be REMOVED (danielle *hint**hint). NO exceptions!!!!!!*
Rent-A-Retard Home - Rent-A-Retard

Find The mafia, or members, on Myspace!
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